When Lightning Strikes Community

It's started as a film. It became a community.

Let's Make a Film (and Heal) ...TOGETHER

The When Lightning Strikes Community is our Private Network exclusively for members who want to follow us on the journey of finding grounded, reliable and trustworthy resources for navigating the "unsexy" side of awakening, and learn with us along the way.


If you've found your way here you've likely seen one of our interviews on YouTube, are a part of our Facebook family, and you know how we (Kate and Katrina) came together to create a film that would demystify the often misunderstood topic of Spiritual Awakening to give hope to those in need.

When COVID-19 stalled our plans to complete our film, we decided to go for connection over perfection and keep seeking answers. We recorded interviews over Zoom and published them to YouTube so we could keep getting information to those of you who were seeking it. 

Every day we began to find comments like these:

"Great interview. So important to have the right support, I have been to powerful healers that just left me by the door after, with no support in the following difficult process.  Has been traumatic, so be careful who you go to and listen to your heart. Much love" 

- Lars, email

We realized this was bigger than a film.  

And that we needed a place to gather WHILE making this film. A place to connect, share resources and discoveries along the way, and just offer support to one another. 

Because the one thing we have always known, and experience has proven it to us, is that while there are experts out there who can explain this phenomenon and give us understanding and resources to help, the real healing comes from the friends and community we meet along the way.

So make When Lightning Strikes With Us!

  • Connect with others around the globe who can relate to what you're going through
  • Ask your burning questions to be addressed in future interviews/courses/filming
  • Receive rough cuts and behind the scenes footage before they are released to the public
  • Access "vetted" information about Spiritual Emergence that won't leave you more traumatized or confused
  • Follow the ups and downs of the journey of not only making a film, but also healing
  • Take part in integration circles and special guest classes designed around your inquiry

Gather in Community

Awakening is a lot like making a film. 

You think you're going one place but it takes you someplace totally new.  And for a little while in the middle you're pretty sure it's falling apart. But.... your team pulls you through.

Thich Nhat Hanh said

The next Buddha will be a Sangha.”

What if the next production company is a community? 

Of seekers. 

Who came together to help one another cross a bridge to a place beyond their wildest dreams.  

A place their society didn't understand yet.  

A place that's safe when we go together.

Well... you're Invited.

Whether you've found your way here through pleasure or pain, you are standing on the edge of emergence.

And no matter where you are on that bridge, we are here to reach our hands out for you and pull you across. 

In solidarity. 

In community.  

And in love. 

The more we do this for one another the more we will create the language and context needed for the future ones for whom we will serve as guides.

Featuring Our Favorite Teachers

There's so much misinformation out there that can leave you confused, hopeless and even traumatized.  Here you can be sure you're getting the most helpful information as we've personally worked with and vetted each one of our experts so that you can be led toward the goal of realization and not away, as we've seen happen too much.

They Were Experiencers Once, Just Like You 👆

Join Us! 

Pay from the Heart

Put simply, Pay from the Heart means that you check with your heart and and find a monthly payment that feels right to you. We want you to feel great about the relationship- what you receive as a member and what you give to sustain us in our giving to you.

Some helpful guidelines:

- $33 is our baseline, minimum request. It pays for the cost of running the network only.

- $44 is our sustainable amount, it helps us provide more resources to share with you.

- $64 is generous and sponsors someone who can’t pay the baseline request.

No one is turned away.

We understand that this process may have taken EVERYTHING from you, and while we fully believe that it will give it back a million fold, if you currently cannot afford the minimum amount, you are invited with an open heart to choose an amount lower than our minimum, or ask us for a scholarship. 

Just send us an email at: [email protected]

Or if you are in a position to give more, you are invited to do so here:

Every dollar goes toward this movement of raising awareness and supporting those in Spiritual Emergency.

It's with great appreciation and humility that we receive what's coming from your heart.  

Welcome to Then When Lightning Strikes Community.

  Welcome Home.